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Challenge: Revenue Management

[Infographic] Revenue Management Approaches

Learn the differences between broad revenue management approaches and the pros & cons of each method. The finance led approach tends to be characterized by looking at the world as
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TPM & TPO: Your Planning Toolkit

Our EMEA Customer Director, Alice Harrison and Sales Director, Craig Woolf, discuss the fundamental elements of our TPM and TPO solutions and how they can be integrated together to help
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White Castle

White Castle improved visibility and forecast accuracy with the Exceedra Trade Promotion Management Solution. Read the case study.
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Navigating Through Inflationary Times

Thanks to unparalleled pressures in the cost of raw materials, energy and labour, we have embarked into the most inflationary environment seen for many years. Although retailers are generally more receptive
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eBook: How Today’s Consumer Goods Leaders are Achieving Certainty in an Uncertain World

In collaboration with In a market that was already fast-paced, constantly evolving and endlessly challenging, the COVID pandemic heaped even more volatility onto the FMCG sector: panic buying, supply
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The Post-COVID Promotional Landscape

The COVID pandemic has exerted a mixed impact on a number of pre-existing trends within grocery retailing. In some cases, this impact was one of deep acceleration, such as the
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[Infographic] Foodservice TPM

By keeping track of the performance of trade promotions in near real time, Exceedra Foodservice Trade Promotion Management (TPM) solution provides detailed reports, dashboards, and customizable alerts with critical business insights, reducing
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Navigating Promotional Restrictions on HFSS Products

Although a challenge that is limited to England in the short term, the forthcoming regulations around the placement and promotion of High Fat, Salt & Sugar (HFSS) food and drink
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Préparer vos prochaines négociations dans une plateforme RGM (Revenue Growth Management) intégrée

Comment notamment aborder les principaux défis clés que les industriels du PGC devront surmonter l’année prochaine sur le marché Français ? : L’an prochain, les industriels français des PGC vont être
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Impact Group

Impact Group optimized productivity through automation of manual processes and increased sales visibility with GenWeb. Read the case study.
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