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data harmonization

Singing from the Same Trade Promotions Song Sheet

Data harmonization as part of a TPO system ensures that your business choir is singing in four-part harmony from the same songsheet, for a result that is more pleasant to the ears, eyes and P&L.
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Retail execution

Optimizing Field Force Store Execution in the Age of the Great Resignation

Automating sales force and field team execution, part of Retail Execution Excellence, is becoming increasingly important as companies struggle for store merchandising and compliance field staff.
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Connecting top-down promotion and volume planning to store back data: nirvana, or achievable?

According to a recent POI State of the Industry Survey, the number one issue preventing consumer goods organizations from exceptional retail execution, at 47 per cent of respondents, was limited availability and/or use of data and insights.
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The opportunity cost of trade promotion management stasis

Delaying implementation of a TPM system means you may not only be losing money in overspend and lost productivity but hampering your future revenue and profit potential and relationships with retailers.
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Navigating order management in an era of proliferating sales channels

Ecommerce and other digital channels create sales channel complexity, but a proper order management system streamlines orders whilst still allowing for flexibility.
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Avoiding the trade spend ‘Pandora’s Box’

Gaining visibility of trade promotion spend at a granular level markedly improves forecasting and reduces nasty surprises. According to the Promotion Optimization Institute, 45% of CPG companies spend more than
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From total volume forecasting to ‘One Number’

Ensuring no potential revenue is left on the proverbial table during the sales forecasting process. Sales volume forecasting is no longer a matter of ‘same as last year with adjustments
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Localizing assortments in an era of lumpy supply chains

Pre-pandemic, grocery retailers had already begun to move toward ranging in a given category beyond just the two biggest brands and a niche or premium brand. Localization requires going a step further.
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The post-COVID promotional landscape – fewer, better promotions

As many retailers around the world seek to reduce promotional intensity in order to improve efficiency and recalibrate their base prices, it seems almost certain that brands as well as retailers will have to be more considerate and meticulous in terms of the promotions they decide to execute.
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Transitioning from reporting to insights

Many organizations struggle to utilize their data effectively which means they're not using insights to make informed business decisions. Learn how companies can transition from reporting to insights.
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