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Designed for Partnership

We Pledge to Provide

Continuous Value

At Exceedra, we believe our customers need more than just the right software solution. You deserve a valuable and lasting partnership. We are committed to fostering strong relationships with the companies we serve—relationships built on collaboration, trust, and a willingness to go the extra mile. We work with each of our customers to listen and understand the nuances of your business, your goals, and your challenges. We want to ensure that our solutions and services drive continuous value for our customers today and for the future.


We Partner With

Our Clients.

Exceedra strives to be a trusted advisor to our customers, facilitating action and initiatives that deliver value to our partnership and encourage collaboration across all stakeholders.

Global Customer Success

Exceedra’s Global Customer Success (GCS) team spans our product portfolio in all major regions of the world, supporting over 1000 customers. Our team includes a broad range of experience and backgrounds, covering different industry roles, verticals, and solution footprints in delivery, sales, and support. This diversity allows us to provide a higher degree of competency and support to our customers at every step of your Exceedra journey.

The GCS team ensures our customers are Exceedra’s primary focus from product development through services and support. Our mission is to increase sustainable proven value for our customers, ensuring our organization is aligned around your needs with open communication to improve the quality of our products, ensure full solution utilization, and maintain industry best practices.

“Our GCS team believes it is important to foster a strong relationship with our customers, listening to their needs while providing strategy, direction, and guidance wherever possible. Customer Success is about providing a platform for our customers to be heard—something that has not always been orchestrated effectively across the software industry.”

Director of Global Customer Success

At Exceedra, we have more than 500 employees with clients in more than 50 countries around the world. Our global perspective allows us to combine industry best practices with the nuances of local marketplaces to deliver the right solutions and services to any consumer goods company no matter the size, maturity, category, route to market, or geographic location.

“We now have the capabilities to generate analysis in 30 minutes that previously would have taken an entire week’s effort before implementing Exceedra.”Joann Newman Senior Manager of Sales Planning and Analysis | ACH Food
Exceedra Customer Since:
Products Implemented:
Exceedra TPM Enterprise 4-month implementation
  • Improved Forecast Accuracy by 25-30%
  • Improved margins and trade effectiveness
  • Unpresented visibility to trade accruals, forecasted/actual volumes and spending, as well as claims/deductions
“Pushed by diverse forces such as technological innovations, changing market conditions, and old hardware, we needed to conduct a thorough due diligence process to ensure we selected the best solutions for our needs. We are convinced that Exceedra Retail Execution was the right fit for us.”Curlu Seitumer BSM, BRM, BPM Director | Carlsberg Group
Exceedra Customer Since:
Products Implemented:
Exceedra Retail Execution 6-month cascaded implementation across the Baltic countries
Key Benefits:
  • Reduced order-taking time and out of stocks
  • Fast KPI availability for top management
  • Improved information flow between sales representatives
“Our partnership with Exceedra is great, we have a great cadence with the support group, everything is like clockwork. We started out the right way and the relationship has matured and grown over the years... it has never felt transactional.”Michael McNeese Director Enterprise Applications | The Hillman Group
Exceedra Customer Since:
Products Implemented:
Exceedra Retail Execution 6-month implementation
Key Benefits:
  • Support revenue growth and order processing objectives
  • Visibility to in store conditions and compliance
  • Processes orders with speed and efficiency
  • Respond to exceptional, unexpected or seasonal events with dynamic ordering

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