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Continuous Value Creation for consumer goods companies

Our Mission

What We Strive to Achieve.

At Exceedra, solving problems for consumer goods companies around the globe is the only thing we do. Our technology is designed to be the operational backbone of your organization by making your sales and distribution capabilities more efficient, more agile, and smarter. Our mission is to equip you with the right tools to quickly respond in a dynamic marketplace where channels diversify, margins shrink, and the integration of planning and execution is vital for success. With Exceedra, you have a partner who understands your business, knows your marketplace, and is committed to driving continuous value.

Exceedra delivers smarter sales and distributions capabilities for consumer goods companies so they can improve agility, optimize efficiency, enhance decision making, and increase profitability.

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Who We Help. How We Help.

Exceedra is 100% focused on consumer goods manufacturers and distributors. We offer solutions to optimize every aspect of planning and execution so you can reduce costs and maximize margins and revenue. We partner with our customers to understand the nuances of your organization. Then we equip you with the right sales and distribution solutions at the right time based on your size, maturity, route to market, category, or geographic location.


Exceedra’s TPM/O solutions enhance the agility and management of all trade promotion activities. Now you can turn a cost of doing business into an effective marketing tool that will increase sales and finance productivity, improve forecast accuracy and organizational alignment, reduce revenue leakage, and deliver a better return on your trade spend investments.


Exceedra transforms retail execution into retail excellence by monitoring, measuring, and improving performance at the store level. Our solutions equip your field sales teams with the best tools to effectively execute promotions and assortments, improve guided selling, and better align with the head office to ensure the right product is on the right shelf at the right time for increased sales.


Exceedra has incorporated advanced data management and analytics across our entire suite of solutions so you can make better, more informed decisions faster and easier than ever before. By combining your data with best practices and expert insight, our solutions help you identify more opportunities, and improve allocation of your TPM investment.


Exceedra’s supply chain solutions take a data-driven approach to managing the complexities of supply chain execution. Our solutions provide comprehensive visibility to the flow of information, services, and goods to deliver faster inventory turns, optimize warehouse space, improve cycle counting, and reduce labor costs and paperwork.


Exceedra ensures every implementation is handled by trained and certified consultants who have unparalleled product knowledge, infrastructure know-how, and industry expertise so you can be confident your solution is installed and configured efficiently and effectively to best meet your needs.

Solutions For

Consumer Goods Companies


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Trade Promotion Management & Optimization

Exceedra TPM/O solutions deliver tighter financial controls to reduce TPM administration and increase trade spend ROI. These solutions support a collaborative S&OP planning process built on industry best practices to give you real-time visibility to the latest estimates across sales, marketing, finance, demand and supply planning.
  • Improve trade investment ROI and forecast accuracy
  • Improve sales and finance productivity
  • Reduce revenue leakage
  • Enhance organizational alignment
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Retail Execution & Optimization

Exceedra Retail Execution and Optimization is a mobile, flexible, and robust software solution designed to deliver on both the Perfect Store and field efficiency. Field sales are equipped to simplify, standardize and globalize in-store processes and capabilities while management is able to analyze, execute, and optimize sales strategies.
  • Improve sales through better promotion execution and assortment
  • Identify performance gaps to improve store execution
  • Increase sales from guided selling
  • Enhance alignment between field and head office
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Revenue Management

Exceedra Revenue Management equips you to respond to evolving business models, new guidance, and increased oversight so you can effectively control your entire revenue recognition process. Our solution seamlessly augments 200+ ERP and financial systems so you can protect your ERP investment and meet emerging business needs.
  • Compliant with ASC 605/606 and IFRS 15 revenue guidance
  • Dedicated assortment, shelf, price, and promo software tools to support TPM
  • Cross-functional procurement, finance, and IT benefit articulation
  • Higher and faster adoption of revenue management capabilities
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Sales Agency & Distributor Management

Exceedra Sales Agency & Distributor Management is a flexible, scalable sales management solution for any size retail and foodservice sales agency. This robust solution leverages best practices for optimizing productivity and improving outcomes across all aspects of sales, pricing, promotion, invoicing, commission, inventory, and reporting.

  • Automate import processes to eliminate manual data entry
  • Accommodate a wide variety of pricing structures
  • Increase efficiency of viewing and updating records
  • Increase user-level security
  • Eliminate unnecessary overlap between channels

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Warehouse Management

Exceedra WMS provides true visibility and control to every facet of warehouse operations to ensure the delivery of the perfect order. This fully scalable solution provides any size operation with a foundation of best practices and analytical capabilities designed to deliver valuable insights so you can increase productivity and uncover new business opportunities.

  • On-demand replenishments for dedicated and non-dedicated pick slots
  • Real-time access to warehouse orders and inventory
  • PTI and GS1-128 GTIN compliance and voice box codes
  • Lot tractability, including automated receiving lots and tracking attributes for food-safety compliance

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Demand Planning

Exceedra Demand Planning helps you improve service levels and forecast accuracy so you can stay in front of market shifts, make better informed decisions, and effectively respond to customer needs. This robust solution supports a collaborative S&OP planning process built on industry best practices designed to boost supply chain profitability.

  • Generate comprehensive baseline forecasts from an advanced statistical engine
  • Improve productivity and collaboration through automation that incorporates real-time forecasts
  • Understand base and incremental drivers by integrating sales forecasts with customer plans
  • Integrate inventory and replenishment to improve short-term forecasts

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“Pushed by diverse forces such as technological innovations, changing market conditions, and old hardware, we needed to conduct a thorough due diligence process to ensure we selected the best solutions for our needs. We are convinced that Exceedra Retail Execution was the right fit for us.”Curlu Seitumer BSM, BRM, BPM Director | Carlsberg Group
Exceedra Customer Since:
Products Implemented:
Exceedra Retail Execution 6-month cascaded implementation across the Baltic countries
Key Benefits:
  • Reduced order-taking time and out of stocks
  • Fast KPI availability for top management
  • Improved information flow between sales representatives
“Our partnership with Exceedra is great, we have a great cadence with the support group, everything is like clockwork. We started out the right way and the relationship has matured and grown over the years... it has never felt transactional.”Michael McNeese Director Enterprise Applications | The Hillman Group
Exceedra Customer Since:
Products Implemented:
Exceedra Retail Execution 6-month implementation
Key Benefits:
  • Support revenue growth and order processing objectives
  • Visibility to in store conditions and compliance
  • Processes orders with speed and efficiency
  • Respond to exceptional, unexpected or seasonal events with dynamic ordering

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