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The Exceedra


2nd EPP GLOBAL FMCG/Consumer Goods Pricing & RGM Forum

May 19-20, 2022
4:50PM CET


The training and workshop will enable you to understand and identify the most effective Revenue Management levers, to effectively mitigate current inflation prices, along actionable RGM Interventions, bridging Consumer Value, Brand Building, Pack Price Architecture, Consumer Pricing, Mix, Shopper-based Promotion Effectiveness and Omnichannel Commercial planning.

Exceedra and TABS Analytics are excited to be presenting at the 2nd EPP GLOBAL FMCG/Consumer Goods: Pricing & RGM Forum on May 19th at 4:50pm CET.

This unique forum brings together the pricing and revenue growth management (RGM) thought leaders, technology innovators and industry practitioners to share innovative insights, practical roadmaps and real-life best practices to enhance your pricing and RGM projects, and help you achieve a genuine ‘Triple Win’ – between Consumers, Manufacturers and Customers/Retailers.

Join Alice Harrison, EMEA Customer Director, Exceedra by TELUS and John Bundy, Vice President Analytics, TABS Analytics for our session “Price Elasticity Reimagined”.

In this session, we will discuss:

  • What base prices maximise incidence, unit sales and dollar sales for your products?
  • How do competitor price changes impact incidence, unit sales, and dollar sales for your products?
  • What is the impact of pricing changes on the category overall?

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